Zion Forrest Lee as Danny Haywood

Professional stuntman and writer, Zion Forrest Lee makes his debut lead role in SALVATION. His well-crafted performance in the role of DANNY HAYWOOD portrays humanity on a knife edge and leaves us no doubt of his skill as a leading man and storyteller.



Matia Jackett as Sam

Rising star Matia Jackett delivers a harrowing performance in her debut role as SAM. The force of her talent shaped the film throughout its production and she will have the same effect on the audience. No one will leave the theatre unaffected. 



Written and Directed by Bennet De Brabandere

Farm boy turned filmmaker, Bennet De B. delivers a rigorous entry with his first feature film. SALVATION reveals his dark but resolute optimism and the ability to tell a gripping story within the rules of genre. We look forward to his next film CHERRYPICKER, and to his career as an original voice in the cinema.


Check out CHERRYPICKER here.